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Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) provide help with daily activities. HCBS allow many members to remain in their own homes or live with their families

Respite Care

Respite provides short-range relief to a typical care provider or guardian. Our objective is to ensure that the individuals needs are met in the absence of the primary care provider.

“Divine Care is invested in the care and development of all individuals with exceptional needs. The Divine goal is to unlock and maximize the abilities within every individual.”


Habilitation is outcome-based training to enhance individual skills levels in the home and community.

Attendant Care

Attendant Care is developed to attain or uphold safe and hygienic living conditions (personal and environmental), allowing an individual to remain in his/her personal home. Our objective is to develop and implement a general plan of care to ensure that the highest quality of life is achieved for the people that we serve.

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